Always Powerful

14 minutes, USA, 2019
Director: Sarah Booth

One in four women, one in six men, and one in two transgender people will experience sexual assault in their lifetime. This is a statistic that is far too real for Meaghan Booth, a survivor of rape, determined to share her story to bring awareness to the epidemic that is sexual violence. Some may call her a victim, some may call her a survivor, but she knows that she is Always Powerful.

Body Image

3 minutes, UK, 2019
Director: Artur Zaremba

‘Body Image’ was produced as part of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week for the Mental Health Foundation. In collaboration with Priscila Hernandez the team created a piece on the subject of, yes, body image, which is this year’s theme for the campaign.

Chasing the Sublime

7 minutes, UK, 2018
Director: Amanda Blugass

Why do we put ourselves into the path of discomfort and risk? What drives us to get too cold and too tired to battle with fear, in the name of adventure? Follow the originators of The Outdoor Swimming Society, ‘swim twins’ Kate Rew and Kari Furre, in this hauntingly beautiful glimpse at the physicality of UK cold water swimming, as two friends set out to chase the sublime.

Cracking Ice Ceilings

3 minutes, USA, 2019
Director:  Mariano Carranza

The cholita climbers of Bolivia have been subverting the culture of machismo since 2015 by climbing mountains. Not content to stay in their traditional roles as high-mountain cooks, these 11 escaladoras wanted to see for themselves what it felt like to go to the top. Pairing the traditional cholita garb of colorful skirts, shawls, bowler hats and brooches with ice axes and crampons, these women climb for the same reason many others do: that feeling of freedom that comes with standing on the summit.

Girls Section

11 minutes, USA, 2019
Director: Kathryn Everett

In remote northern Pakistan, a quiet revolution is growing. For the first time ever, girls in the region are challenging tradition for their right to go to school.

HAUTE FLASH (An Infrared Ode to Menopause)

6 minutes, USA, 2018
Director: Marne Lucas aka CuntemporaryArtist

A black & white infrared film depicting the hormonal transition of Menopause, as energy shifts away from reproduction to realization of a new spiritual power. Eerie thermal imagery transports the viewer to an otherworldly space. Shot with a military grade, heat-sensitive infrared rifle scope, the visible crosshairs reference the targeted feeling of shifting hormones and the literal heat experienced in menopause.

How to Make a Rainbow

16 minutes, USA, 2019
Director: Maxey Fish

Observed over the course of two years, How to Make a Rainbow is the story of a young girl and her mother, as they move together through transitions of home, identity and name.

Hula Girl

X minutes, USA, 2018
Directors: Amy Hill & Chris Riess

Hoops have been used for play since 500 BCE. Originally made out of rattan, grapevines and stiff grasses, they were clearly present as a form of entertainment but in the late 1950’s when a newly minted American mother of four saw a bamboo hoop being used by friends in her native country of Australia, a fad was born. Unfortunately, naiveté thwarted credit and monetary compensation and so what we know about the Hula Hoop, the true origin of its name and discovery was forever altered. Hula Girl is the true story of the “Aussie” “Australian friend” that brought the hoop and name to Wham-O in 1958. “Friend” is hardly accurate and a 94-year old named Joan Anderson is finally able to set the record straight.

IGNITE: Women in the House

2 minutes, USA, 2019
Filmmaker: Pereira O’Dell & Yudidt Nonthe

Women in The House is a platform that champions female representation in U.S. politics to inspire more women to run for office. To spread the word and love, we produced a fully animated music video for the movement’s new anthem by Victoria Canal & Blimes. The video drives awareness for the platform we designed and developed in the same vivid illustration style. The site features a quiz that lets visitors discover their political DNA through an illustrated avatar that gets more intricate with every answer. With both information and inspiration, the platform offers visitors everything they need to get involved.

Medicine & Obligation

10 minutes, USA, 2019
Director: Tinia Witherspoon

This film highlights the perspectives of four Indigenous students attending Northern Arizona University. The film covers the importance of cultural awareness, and the sanctity of self that is tied to one’s ancestral home. Each student has their own reasons for going back to their reservation. Those reasons being obligations to family and their environment, as well as for self sustenance in an atmosphere that is often voided of Indigenious insight.

Mi Mamá

5 minutes, USA, 2019
Director: Jade Begay and James ‘Q’ Martin

“Mi Mamá” follows Nadia Mercado and her mother, Clariza Valdez, as they go back to Arches National Park in Moab to experience the natural space together. The film unveils how Nadia fell in love with the outdoors at a young age, and how her mother’s spirit lives within her.

Ní’tsii Níł tsá Yaahaalné – Hair Tells the Weather

3 minutes, USA, 2017
Director: Cherylee Francis

Science isn’t all about numbers. In response to the need for increased mutual understanding between the National Weather Service and the Navajo people, a regional bilingual weather outreach document was created with the goals of improving public safety, providing educational resources in the Navajo language, and promoting the preservation of a language. In 2017, the National Weather Service learned the importance of the Navajo Tsiiyéél in relationship to weather which culminated in the Navajo Weather Poster. Comments from a community member pointed out that Navajo is not originally a written language, and that aspects of the Navajo Weather poster should be available in audio-visual formats for all Navajo speakers.

Pornography For The Modern Mind

2 minutes, USA, 2019
Director: Ember Crowley

Pornography For The Modern Mind is an experimental film that has been chosen to screen at the Northern Arizona University film festival, won first place in the Experimental Film category at Nanjing University for the Arts in China and was recently screened at the FilmBar in Phoenix. It is a film that explores a darker palette of images while syncing with original music composed by Jerry Swanson.

Seeds of Resilience

4 minutes, USA, 2018
Director: Jake Hoyungowa / Deidra Peaches

“Seeds of Resilience” is inspired by the tenacity and spirit of Navajo and other Indigenous peoples. This poem is a tribute to the generations who have overcome adversity in any form. Jake’s hope is that these words will extinguish any doubt that we are more than capable in choosing to release the trauma of our histories and act to create a positive impact in our communities for future generations.

Sister Hearts

16 minutes, USA, 2018
Director: Mohammad Gorjestan

Maryam Henderson-Uloho spent thirteen years in prison in Louisiana, seven in solitary confinement. After her release, she struggled to find housing or employment. She began selling secondhand goods out of a suitcase on a street corner in New Orleans. In just three years, she grew her business to a brick-and-mortar thrift store—one that also provides housing and employment for other formerly-incarcerated women. She calls those women—and her store—Sister Hearts.


3 minutes, France, 2014
Director:  Frédéric Doazan

A plastic surgeon creates in real-time, the new goddess of beauty. Frédéric Doazan’s Photoshop masterpiece Supervenus is a cutting (literally) portrayal of modern beauty standards and how they’ve evolved throughout the years. This is a film that contains a strong message about how beauty is portrayed in the media.

The Dancer Going Beyond Ballet

4 minutes, USA, 2018
Director: Dominique Turner

Aesha Ash fought negative stereotypes about African-American women all the way to the New York City Ballet and the world’s most prestigious stages. These days, you can find her—tutu and all—pirouetting around her native inner-city Rochester, New York. Through her Swan Dreams Project, Aesha combines photography and ballet to prove that artistic talent, beauty and grace are not defined by status or race.

The Litas

7 minutes, USA, 2018
Director: William Desena

This is a film about Gevin Fax, the oldest member of the women motorcycle collective, The Litas. Growing up in Los Angeles as an African American lesbian in the 1960s, Gevin found that the world wasn’t always forgiving. She started riding dirt bikes at the age of twelve which distanced her even further from the other kids. Though it was because of her love for riding that gifted her peace of mind; it was her meditation, her medicine, her way to escape all of the other noise. Now, because of The Litas, she shares her love for the road with thousands of women all over the world.

This is About the History of Women’s Pleasure

4 minutes, USA, 2019
Created For: CRAVE 
Agency: Campfire Group
Production Company: Red Riding Hood

This is About the History of Women’s Pleasure* is a social short that aims to expose some of the many ways that women’s pleasure has been dismissed, shunned and shamed over centuries. From the 12th century witch trials to Freudian theories on “penis envy” to contemporary reruns of greatest hits insinuating that women’s bodies are nothing more than hosts, this informative video shows that women’s bodies aren’t just a contentious topic, they are too often the site of the battle itself.


2 minutes, USA, 2019
Director: Gabrielle Neilson

Technology isolates teenagers, but through community and unity, the next generation can find hope, laughter, connection, and passion. We are strong, but together, we are stronger.

ZT: Zero Tolerance

2 minutes, USA, 2018
Director: Shaya Mulcahy

A micro-short. She’s had enough of sexual harassment, and this time she’s really going to do something about it.