5 minutes, USA, 2021
Director: Nicholas Geib
Producer: Dapper Dre

Revelucien AKA Revel Lucien is a drag performance artist and painter who lives and works in Flagstaff, AZ. With stages and in-person events closed during the Covid-19 lockdowns Revel took their performances to the streets.

Is Climate Change Making Mosquitos Worse in my Backyard?

6 minutes, USA, 2020
Director & Producer: John Schaffer and Julia Antoninka 

A 3rd grade girl frustrated by getting bitten by mosquitoes wonders if climate change is making the problem worse and then seeks out ways to address the problem.

To Be a Modern Witch

13 minutes, USA, 2022
Director: Ember Lou Crowley

Please, come have a seat and join five women as they talk about their personal experiences within the world of magic!


16 minutes, USA, 2022
Director: Mackenzie Baradic
Producer: Emma Shae
Executive Producers: Bill Carter & Kurt Lancaster

Fleeing the 1980 Civil War in El Salvador, Dora Rodriguez, among a group of twenty-six migrants, were abandoned by their guide and left to fend for themselves in the relentless Sonoran desert of Arizona.

Voices of the Grand Canyon

12 minutes, USA, 2022
Director: Deidra Peaches

Before the Grand Canyon was a national park, it was the ancestral homeland of Native peoples. But rarely do tourists hear firsthand from modern Indigenous people whose cultures, worldviews, and livelihoods are inextricably tied to the Grand Canyon region. Jim Enote (Zuni), Nikki Cooley (Navajo), Leigh Kuwanwisiwma (Hopi), Coleen Kaska, (Havasupai), Loretta Jackson-Kelly (Hualapai) share what the Grand Canyon means to them and what they know in their hearts to be true. Hear the voices of Grand Canyon speak.

All Dressed Up

14 minutes, USA, 2022
Director: Nikki Gibala
Producer: Cooper Lewis
Writers: Jess Esparza & Allyson Dale

Leo, a man in his early twenties, decides that he wants to try doing drag. When he confides in his friend Dani, the two make a deal to perform on the same night and help each other prepare for the show. However, Leo’s confidence is shaken when those around him begin to seem suspicious, so he turns to the local drag queens to find the strength within himself to explore uncharted territory.

The Ripple Effect

9 minutes, USA, 2020
Directors: Jenny Glennon, Sarah Menzies
Produced by: Amber Geiger Morgan, Steve Flood & Jacob McNeill Supply Demand
Funded by: Merrell

Shot in Colorado by women filmmakers, the film celebrates the centennial of the 19th Amendment by sharing the work of sculptor Jane DeDecker. DeDecker created a monument dedicated to the women who fought tirelessly to make it possible for women to vote and, at the time of filming, was working tirelessly to get the statue placed permanently in Washington DC. To help the cause, Merrell Footwear sent Trail Sisters founder Gina Lucrezi, and Merrell ambassadors Anna Frost and Mirna Valerio to Jane’s studio in Loveland, Colorado.


27 minutes, USA, 2021
Performance Directed by: Justin Clifton, Blake McCord & Harlan Taney Sandcast Media, in collaboration with Dark Sky Aerial. Accompany short documentary directed by Nick Geib, Firewatch Media.

OMEN tells the story of one woman’s exploration of bravery and perseverance, intimately following her as she takes risks and overcomes fears. The film tells the story of our shared interdependence – and the beauty of surrendering to the unknown. Creating performance art during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has taken DSA’s innovation and artistry to a new height. DSA embarked on an exhilarating dance film project – OMEN – filmed in the dramatic landscapes of Northern Arizona.


11 minutes, USA, 2021
Directed by Nick Geib, Firewatch Media. Writer, costume, set design Cree

Work in collaboration with MOCAF & FlagShakes Co-Vids Creative Directors Dapper Dre & Dawn Tucker, Cinematographer and editor Nick Geib, Marketing Director Hannah Fontes & Production Manager Becki Zaritsky

Trip follows the psychedelic journey of Charlie, who meets both life and death in order to complete a very special task.